Lürssen Yachts Discuss The Future Of The Oceans

By Ben Roberts

Choosing to support the aim of primary pioneers in oceanographic conservation such as The Blue Marine Foundation, Peter Lürssen - Managing Partner of Lürssen Yachts - today joined us to discuss the responsibility the superyacht community has to take care of the oceans on which the planet relies.

Having launched the 120 metre superyacht Tatiana recently, Lürssen Yachts have stated that they worked hard to develop an optimisation format on board to minimise emissions according to the brief of an owner who holds the oceans close to their heart.

“This is one of the issues which is very dear to the owner of Tatiana,” explains Peter Lürssen, “he’s been on to that issue for many many years, and he has his own marine foundation to protect the environment. We should always remember that we have all been swimming, and possibly diving, in very nice areas … it’s an experience that convinces many people to go into yachting. Some of us have had the experience of diving where the marine life is actually dead. Some have shown us examples of the, sometimes, ignorant treatment of the ocean by the human species. We need to protect this environment, because why would anyone want to be on a yacht if there is no wonderful place to go to.”

Lürssen Yachts is celebrating 140 years at the 25th Monaco Yacht Show, and the multi-generational business is looking ahead to protect the future of the oceans so other generations can enjoy it. Watch the full video above for a better idea of how the superyacht community is looking to protect the water.

By Ben Roberts
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