Laura Pomponi Discusses the Growing Success of Luxury Projects

By Paul Joseph

Now in its sixth year of operations, Luxury Projects Design Studio has proved to be one of the great industry success stories of recent times.

Founded by Laura Pomponi, the Italian studio has rapidly grown in size and now employs a total of ten, spread across Viareghio and Ancona.

We sat down with Ms Pomponi at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about the origins of Luxury Projects and the influence of her Italian heritage.

“I’m formerly an engineer and after being working in engineering and telecommunication field I came back to Ancona, where I come from, and from that moment, the yachting world was in a very high success,” she said.

“Suddenly I decided to open my company. Fortunately after six years we are ten people in the studio, half in Viareegio and half in Ancona, we have two offices and two teams and we enjoy making the client’s dreams come true.”

So how much of a role does her Italian heritage play in her design philosophy, given the country’s legacy when it comes to style?

“I really think that during this year we’ve really been challenged by clients,” she said. “We’re doing a refit of a 60-metre Feadship for a Saudi Arabian owner likes Egyptian style interiors.

“I think that from the Italian background we brought the culture and the skill to go back on historical matters and find the detail which matches maybe the client’s desires or expectations.”

You can watch the full video interview with Laura Pomponi above this article.

By Paul Joseph
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