Laura Pomponi on the Exclusive DAGA Project

By Ben Roberts

Laura Pomponi, the creative mind behind the Luxury Projects brand, has been facing an uprising in demand from yacht owners across the world looking for the perfect balance of home and comfort while at sea. With a brand-new AMELS project on the drawing board, Laura Pomponi gives us an exclusive walkthrough of an interior and exterior style set which is ready to take the world by storm.

A Unique Interior Challenge
Presented with the challenge of creating a design concept with wide appeal for the AMELS shipyard, Luxury Projects brought a world-class interior solution for a fixed platform. Of course, timeless style was the focal brief, but working in a close-knit Atelier, Laura and her team worked with the general arrangement to present a light conceptual marvel with innovative new materials to create something without equal.

The timeless flow of the interior and exterior design creates a package, which becomes a singular creative solution for life on the water and representing a new fleet for AMELS. Easily customisable throughout - including the later stages of build - the Italian influence is clear from approach to design and, most importantly, detail.

Light and clarity are two running themes in the latest reveal, using both innovative materials and expertly implemented illumination to invoke an emotional response. The back-lit walls are the best expression of material and artistic pieces being merged, with the aim of attracting new Clients to an atmosphere instead of a general concept of style. 

Bespoke freestanding furniture gives a third dimension of character and reduces the dominance of structural furniture; an inspiring method which creates a sense of home, as well as flawless flexibility.

One significant change in architecture and interior design has been the focus on “not creating crowded spaces”, as Laura Pomponi, founder of Luxury Projects explains. With the introduction of few important high-end design pieces a more “relaxed and easy usable space is created”. Space still means luxury and luxury means the possibility to enjoy big spaces.

“Proper spaces for art on display, the emotional path always is a key word at Luxury Projects: art, innovative materials and light have to blend together,” adds Pomponi. “These are the key ingredients, in our opinion, to create an interest for a new Owner in buying a new Amels yacht. The opportunity to experience it as a full custom built with top end luxury ambience to be enjoyed and lived in.”

Making an External Statement
Not only has Luxury Projects created an interior atmosphere for the 74-metre M/Y DAGA concept, but etched a complimentary exterior style which achieves the marriage of flowing lifestyle between outside and in. A continuity rarely obtained but often sought after.

“The brief was interesting,” continues Pomponi, “the layout between perpendiculars below Main Deck needed to remain between, the rest could be modified as we liked. This was one of the first challenges by Luxury Projects Studio on the exterior lines of a vessel. Penciled by our Senior Architect Aldo Viani. Degree in Architecture in Florence and almost 30 years in the Yacht design. With his mentor, Paolo Caliari, he was already working as a pioneer on expedition boats, trawlers and on the first Italian motor-yachts, contributing to the “Mediterranean style” of yachts and pleasure luxury vessels from 20 to 150mts.

“For [Aldo] everything starts really from scratch, when his pencil drops the first lines, creativity starts to flow. The best ideas are mostly on restaurants paper or tablecloths!”

In 2009 Aldo joined Luxury Projects, founded by Laura Pomponi in 2008, leading Clients from the design of the first sketch to the research of the final detail. The latest exterior solution is a signature piece for the studio, and a fantastic addition to the AMELS portfolio.

Thanks to the support of the Design Team at Amels, the 74-metre platform would eventually become M/Y DAGA. Despite the limitations to alter technical spaces on Tank Deck and Crew quarters on Lower Deck it was still giving us sufficient possibilities and allowed for the design of the bow fitting the whole exterior concept of the vessel.

“It gave us a lot of freedom in our imagination to create spaces where there is a real merge in perception of outdoor-indoor continuity and creation of a full harmonious experience.”

The profile shows clean and sleek lines in line with the character of AMELS and their DNA. Contrast is created with light color changes and tones. The long windows cut the vessel all the way providing her with a stretched accent and movement. The structural pillars have been given a different than regular orientation toward transom creating a playful effect.

We look forward to bringing you more details about M/Y DAGA in our second look as we step on board and discover the layout of a new era in superyacht lifestyle.

By Ben Roberts
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