Laura Pomponi Talks Design Inspirations

By Ben Roberts

We sat down with Laura Pomponi, creative mind behind Luxury Projects, at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show to learn more about her background, her entrance into the superyacht world, and what inspires her design style.

“After doing engineering on telecommunication based studies, working around the world, I decided to go back to Ancona, where I come from,” she said. “I sent a CV to a shipyard and then I had an interview and started to work for CRN for five years as a project manager.

“I was following the stainless steel yachts and the new prototypes of fibreglass, from the wood templates to let’s say the delivery of the towels. So it was a very challenging job and then when I left the shipyard I decided to start up my own business. My grandmother was designing clothes in the 1930s so it seems that colours and architecture is a bit in the blood, and so I started up my studio in 2008.

As an Italian designer how is she finding working with the American market?

“As I anticipated,” she said. “Obviously ‘Made in Italy’ is a strong interest for this side of the world. Not just architecture but even furniture and custom made bespoke things are always well received by the client and the people on this side of the world.”

So when it comes to design inspiration, what does she draw upon to create her magic?

“Generally we work a lot on the emotional state and we try to enter into the mindset of the clients and try to create a new emotion for them,” she said. “So we work a lot with art pieces, trying to get art to become a part of the yacht and of the structure, not just simply displayed. And then there is a lot of research of innovation, materials and light, that’s a strong point of our studio.”

You can watch the full video interview with Laura Pomponi above this article.

By Ben Roberts
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