Legendary Maestro Andrea Bocelli On Noticing Genius

By Ben Roberts

During the Perini Navi Cup, we had the honour of sitting down with the world famous classic tenor and the voice of Italy, Mr. Andrea Bocelli. Joining us with his wife Veronica, we spoke to the couple about working toward a common goal for the greater good and having an eye for the genius which makes the Italian culture great.

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation was founded by Mr. Andrea Bocelli with the mission of empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy and distress due to illness and social exclusion by promoting and supporting national and international projects that promote the overcoming of these barriers and the expression of their full potential.

“I strongly believe that love does justice,” explains Mr. Bocelli in his mission statement. “And it is for this simple reason that we are all responsible for building a better world. Since love energizes faith, the opposite must also be true. The amazing lives we have been offer us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give the less fortunate a better future and opportunities.”

With a vision for perfection and an eye for the talent of others, Mr. Bocelli - who is also a passionate yachtsman - noted on his first impression of Mr. Perini, the founding father of classic Italian sailing.

Meeting Mr. Perini was something the legendary vocalist sought out after seeing his life’s work progress across a fleet of stunning sailing yachts. For more information on the wealth of ongoing charity work of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, the influence of Perini Navi and the story behind how the two inspirational characters met, watch the full video from the 2015 Perini Navi Cup.

By Ben Roberts
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