Liebowitz & Pritchard Unveil New 72m Design

By Ben Roberts

The design team at Liebowitz & Pritchard has today unveiled a characteristic 72m (236’) ocean-going design named Ocean Atrium.

It’s an evolution of themes we’ve been keenly developing,” explains Principal Designer Richard Liebowitz. “We’re very much interested in offering owners something outside of that repeated, conventional layout. It’s an integral notion, not even directly linked to style or decoration. It’s about dramatic space.

The philosophy behind the Ocean Atrium is to offer flexible internal areas using unique formula of multi-level, terraced spaces within. The development strategy behind the design not only helped sculpt the exterior of the vessel, but will undoubtedly offer a very special experience aboard – inside and out.

The Liebowitz & Pritchard design team faced the challenge of safely creating such open architecture in a creative and effective way as well as meeting stringent code requirements. However, with a bulbous forefoot giving the hullform efficiency and functionality at anchor, alongside dynamic positioning systems, the Ocean Atrium is a distinctive design with stability and comfort on the water.

At fair weather destinations, an array of watertight operable hull apertures can open to provide dramatic and functional “terraces on the sea”. Other features include diverse tender compliment, touch-and-go helicopter facility, newest safety and communications systems, sophisticated crew circulation plan, plus the latest leisure facilities optimised for charter service. Accommodation is for 12 guests and up to 22 crew, plus 2 staff.

Liebowitz & Pritchard Design Ltd is also working on producing a similar design for the under-500 gross ton regulation class, which, in short, is a more market focussed size with realistic operating costs. The smaller package, perhaps even more challenging from a design standpoint, will further the design studio’s standing in the semi-production market.

By Ben Roberts
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