Life Under Sail: Bill Tripp On The Genius Behind Cinderella IV

By Ben Roberts

In a discussion with leading brokerage house Y.CO and revered designer Bill Tripp, we were offered a fantastic insight into the elements behind the creation of Cinderella IV, a high performance Vitters sailing yacht with true global sail capabilities.

What was the design brief for Cinderella IV?
“Cinderella IV is the second boat we designed for the Owner, who was a real sailing man … This design brief was for ‘a true globetrotting yacht that would be joyful to sail’. He also longed for a cuddy cabin for offshore passages, where he could check in on the navigation from the helm cockpit, and take shelter on a night's watch. He loved to study charts in harbour, and wanted an area to do this that was separate from the main salon entertaining area, yet up where the view matches the charts.

He liked to bring his guests aboard in comfort equal to his own, so we designed a democratic boat with 4 equal cabins. For charter he believed in separation of crew and guests, hence there are two cockpits, and the crew area aft. Crew could walk straight on for service without walking over the guest cabins.

The Owner himself liked sailing with the crew. The coamings were extended all the way aft to encompass the cuddy and the aft cockpit, as two spaces within one bigger space, allowing safe egress between the cockpits without having to go onto the side decks. The vertical windows are inspired by the era of big schooners, brought up to date by changing them to all glass. Their effect below is to extend the length of the salon space height ­- it gives a really open sensation to the lower space, with great height rather than something cramped.”

What special features onboard make Cinderella IV stand out?
“Her layout is quite unique. This yacht really needs to be seen from aboard to really understand her personality. The double cabin arrangement gives a great feel to the centre cockpit, and guests feel protected and safe in this area. The surrounding protection and the roof of the cuddy make a great circular arrangement to the cockpit for big parties. The cuddy itself makes the aft cockpit, offering an office, a watch cabin, a nav area, and an indoor/outdoor space when the doors are open.

Her engine room is a standout area - unusually large, with a long pump room at the front end, freeing up the central room from clutter. Truly one of the best I have seen on the water. However, it is the two-level salon that really makes the boat. Unusually long and wide, it offers great sight lines from every point by virtue of the vertical windows."

In terms of performance, what gives Cinderella IV the edge?
"Cinderella IV is one of very few boats on the market comprised of a modern rig, with a lifting keel, built in composite. She is light, for a Superyacht, and has a low centre of gravity from her lift keel. It means she scoots in light air and has power in a breeze - both attributes which, in our opinion, make for a better cruising sailboat. The light air qualities make her enjoyable in even 6 knots of breeze, and the stability makes her capable of going anywhere with conviction. There are very few true superyachts that can match the sailing qualities and speed of Cinderella IV. She is our best sailing boat on the market."

What type of Owner would the yacht be most suited to?
"Cinderella IV is the ideal yacht for someone who wants to sail the world and compete in Superyacht Cups. The new Owner will have a boat that is great for charter, instantly recognisable, and great for entertaining.

Cinderella IV is a great sailing superyacht. Ideal for discovering places best reached by sailboat and getting there and back in the best form. She is a true tour de force, offering advanced performance utilising the best of technology, epitomising design classicism true to modern form."

For more information on the 39 metre performance sailing yacht Cinderella IV, or to get in touch with Y.CO, click here.

By Ben Roberts
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