Lifting Steel: Bilgin 263's Journey to the Water Revealed

By Ben Roberts

Now on the water with the final phases of construction in sight, the Bilgin 263 is being showcased like never before this week after a video emerged showcasing its first move into the water. We take a look at how this 80-metre superyacht could be one of many milestone moments in 2019.

After heavy-duty cranes lifted her vast steel hull over sun-scorched concrete at Yalova’s Bilgin Shipyard, the giant 80-metre Bilgin 263 found its way to the water after years of dedicated construction in 2017.

Now, to offer a more in-depth view of what will be Bilgin’s biggest project to date, we can offer an insight into the sleek and progressive design like never before.

Of course, Bilgin states that following the technical launch that this proud moment in the shipyard’s history will come with high-performance and staying power in terms of style; and while we’re inclined to agree, it’s the amenities we’re more interested in.

This is still a highly secretive project, and with an H2 Yacht Design interior kept tightly under wraps, 80-metres of yacht and a new approach to building large luxury vessels, this is an extraordinarily exciting superyacht.

Speaking at the time of its technical launch, Bilgin CEO offered insight into the gravity of the launch and the interesting new profile entering the market. “Today is another proud day for our company,” says İsmail Şengün, Bilgin’s CEO, “We are happy to see how beautiful the boat is and really look forward to presenting her to the world in a couple of years.”

The Bilgin 263 project will emerge in 2019 completed and ready to take on the oceans, and from what we can see from the video of her brief moment in the sun, is that interesting things are happening in Bilgin.

By Ben Roberts
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