Linley Sponsor Top 100 Pages

By Ben Roberts

Linley, world leading creators of bespoke furniture, interiors, collectables and luxury accessories, is now the proud sponsor of the Top 100 Largest Yacht Forecast; covering every aspect from the historic to the most highly awaited projects of 2012.

After launching the Top 100 in 2010, has worked hard to provide an astounding stream of unique visitors with a trust-worthy source of vital superyacht intelligence.

The Top 100 not only documents the world’s largest yachts, but provides historic information on previous entries, allowing owners to search for their yacht’s own unique rankings. Ultimately forecasting the most eagerly awaited new launches of the coming year.

Constantly updated by the team, the Top 100 table has been sourced in a great number of respected global media publications, such as CNN, Yahoo News, Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

Now, after a successful year of providing owners, journalists and superyacht representatives with vital information on the world’s largest yachts, can proudly welcome Linley, a tour de force in the luxury industry, to the Top 100 Pages.

Linley’s unique, sophisticated and award-winning bespoke style is a perfect companion for the superyacht community, fitting beautifully with the elegance and grandeur of the luxury yachting lifestyle. looks forward to publishing the breaking news regarding the future launches of the Top 100 in collaboration with a brand of such distinguished calibre.

By Ben Roberts