LISA Airplanes: Lessons On How To Make An Entrance

By Ben Roberts

Founders, Erick Herzberger and Luc Bernole, created LISA Airplanes with the vision of innovating an aircraft which offers the pinnacle in aeronautical and hydrodynamic engineering.

These two founders surrounded themselves with a multidisciplinary team of know how in aeronautics, hydrodynamics, mechanics, industrial and marketing to create the brand, and range, of LISA Airplanes. More than an aircraft manufacturer, LISA Airplanes has developed a new lifestyle for aviation enthusiasts and lovers of high-octane freedom.

The innovative concept, dubbed the Multi-Access, is a revolutionary system that allows its airplanes to land with the same ease on land; water or snow without altering their performance or their zero emission systems.

A perfect example of this innovation is AKOYA, her aerodynamics and shape generate less drag in flight and ensures better performance. Always keeping innovation in mind, LISA Airplanes moves even further with the development of a similar airplane to the AKOYA, this time equipped with an electric motor called Hy-Bird.

The AKOYA was developed with the aim to offer a totally different product on the market for light airplanes, combining high performance, comfort, design and energy savings while providing maximum freedom. LISA Airplanes has chosen the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) classification created in 2005 in the US and recently adopted in Europe.

This new class lies between the ultralight and certified aviation, perfect for the individual looking for the lifestyle of an international man (or woman) of mystery.

By Ben Roberts