Luca Boldrini of CRN Talks Chop Chopi

By Ben Roberts

When the 80m Chopi Chop emerged from the CRN shipyard in January last year, it caused ripples of excitement across the industry.

We sat down with Luca Boldrini, Sales & Marketing Director at CRN, to ask him more about one of the stand-out superyacht launches of 2013.

“The most important things I think is we were lucky because we built a boat not for somebody who wanted to show up, but for somebody who loves boats and wanted to build something for his family”, he said.

“Also the name, it’s a nickname between the owner and the wife, so I think it’s a value that is not payable. It’s a family home, and to be somebody that builds something for a family, it’s the most important thing in my opinion.”

He continued: “Then of course, the boat in my view is beautiful. We were able to put a lot of Italian style inside and we were able to make something that was huge volume but also gracious. This is I think the focal point of Chopi Chopi.

You can watch the full video interview with Luca Boldrini above this article.

By Ben Roberts