Lürssen Live! New Superyacht Talk Show Launches

By George Bains

A new interactive talk show hosted by Lürssen will launch on 29th September 2020. The first episode, entitled ‘The Right Size Matters’, will be dedicated to understanding how to find the right size of bespoke Lürssen for the individual client.

Lürssen has an impeccable history as a leader in innovative superyacht projects, and it with this same approach that the shipyard launches its open and interactive talk show. The first episode will air on 29th September at 4:00pm CEST, and an expert panel will dissect how Lürssen find the right custom superyacht for their clients, with a special behind the scenes look at the current 55m project. Viewers will have the chance to send in their own questions to the panel, opening up the discussion in an inclusive and interactive manner.

Peter Lürssen will be joined on the show by David Seal and Merijn de Waard. Yacht broker David Seal has become a public figure and authority on yachting thanks to the success of his Youtube channel, “Yachts for Sale”. Seal’s experience and expertise in the industry will be matched by the knowledgeable Merijn de Waard, who will act as the second moderator and field questions sent in from viewers.

Due to the challenges faced during 2020, there has been a stark rise in remote video conferencing and virtual events in order to ensure that the flow of conversations and ideas does not stagger. ‘Lürssen Live!’ is the latest to virtual platform bring the industry together, and demonstrates that out of difficulty often comes innovation and progress.

By George Bains
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