Marina Port Vell Looks Back on an Epic Year

By Paul Joseph

Situated in the vibrant Spanish city of Barcelona, Marina Port Vell reopened last year following a comprehensive renovation project aimed at transforming the site into one of Europe’s hottest superyacht moorage facilities.

With completion edging ever closer, it was an opportune time to sit down with Annela Alcott of Marina Port Vell at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about the revamped marina development.

“Were about to finish a multi-million euro investment, we’ve redeveloped the whole of the marina turning it from a small marina into a superyacht marina. We have 148 berths, taking boats of 5-metres up to 120-metresand it’s all been developed focussing on the needs of the crew and captain,” she said.

Located just moments from the heart of Barcelona, including its beach and array of cultural and leisure attractions, the new marina comprises a 2,750 square metre reception building with balcony terrace overlooking the Barcelona skyline. The building features a host of amenities including a gym for captain and crew, treatment rooms, a crew lounge, and offices for nautical companies providing a range of yacht services.

Over the past year, the marina has had to face the substantial challenge of continuing its operations while work has been taking place and all of the disruption that brings. So how difficult has that been?

“It’s been quite tricky, Annela said, “but everybody’s been very good, very enthusiastic, and when they’ve left they’ve all said we cannot wait to come back and be in the final marina.”

“I would just encourage everybody to come and see us. It’s a truly amazing marina and we’re really putting together an amazing team there to make everybody feel very much at home and we’d love to show them the hospitality and let them experience it for themselves.”

You can watch the full video interview with Annela Alcott above this article.

By Paul Joseph