Marina Spotlight: Barefoot Cay Marina & Resort

By Christina Tsangaris

With the Caribbean season well and truly in full swing, the Honduran Island of Roatán, a stylish retreat for the superyacht community, offers a welcome change for a Winter charter escape...

Barefoot Cay Marina and Resort is the hidden gem of the Caribbean you've been waiting for. Offering a bespoke, personalised, state of the art marina, it welcomes superyachts into a serenity like no other with the luxurious amenities to match. With 850 linear feet of dock space and moorage for vessels up to 180 foot in length, it welcomes superyachts to immerse into a world of discovery...

A Caribbean treasure, Barefoot Cay offers a well desired stripped back island experience. Its world class marina takes care of the details, while you escape into island blisss.

Roatán, the largest of the Honduran Bay Islands is a destination of endless tranquility while Barefoot Cay, set within the natural beauty of the region, is in total harmony with the environment, so visitors can feel at one with the organic beauty of the island when off-board their superyacht.

A step into its sumptuous oceanfront villas offer a rustic elegance known to the Caribbean, while the quintessential charm of an island of privacy remains key. Perfect for superyacht owners, its world-class hospitality can be compared to the superyacht experience, think sublime spa treatments like a full massage to the sound of the waves and local delicacies al fresco to name a few. Each experience is tailored to your each and every desire. 

At the backdrop of island adventure, rest and refuge is not its only charm. Whether you choose tropical scenery to hike and explore or swim its crystal clear waters, you will return to your superyacht well replenished.  With a supported marina team who cater to each and every superyacht desire from immigration and clearance with the Port Captain to mail and laundry, the added extras you require are just the start of your superyacht adventure.  

By Christina Tsangaris