Marina Spotlight: No Winter Wind-Down at Porto Montenegro

By Anna Solomon

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, never has the rugged Mediterranean homeport of Porto Montenegro seemed such an enticing prospect. We bring the latest updates from the state-of-the-art Tivat facility.

Off-season, Montenegro remains mild enough for a pleasant coastal stay whilst inland temperatures plummet to winter wonderland depths. It is this marriage of separate but distinct charms that maintains a steady stream of boats docking in the luxury marina during high or low season. Porto Montenegro refuse to wind down with the year, bringing new schemes and services that reaffirm their position as a superyacht sanctuary...

Crew Winter Calendar Unveiled
The winter period ushers in new events and opportunities, from local parties and winter sports competitions to eastern European city breaks and skiing retreats in Montenegrin chalets. The season of indoor alternatives initiates movie nights, bowling, karaoke and themed parties under the Crew Club membership card, whilst the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club organises RYA certified sailing courses, sports clubs and numerous social events. With so much going on, the ‘off-season’ seems anything but; and the shift brings with it necessary alterations in crewing schedules. 

New Berthing System
Porto Montenegro's winter berthing system comes with a host of benefits for marina users. Tailored for the colder months, the program provides a naturally safe, secure and sheltered environment for vessels with all of the amenities that a berthing superyacht could require. Premium and Platinum options provide docking for vessels ranging from 12-250m, including mooring assistance, a bay basin location and customs clearance (Premium), as well as weather surveillance reports, yacht monitoring and Silver Yacht Club access (Platinum). This is in addition the standard package of 24-hour yacht assistance, guests concierge and onsite maintenance facilities.

Innovation Centre
Forever looking to improve its infrastructure, Porto Montenegro has developed the Innovation Centre. This is an office space designed to accommodate a new generation of tech-savvy workers, comprising a formal work area, informal lounge and outdoor spaces with users able to enrol in daily, weekly or monthly memberships. This is all part of a scheme to support the growth of Montenegro’s startup and freelancing landscape. The Centre is decked out with plants, flooded with natural light and equipped with ergonomic desk chairs. Finally, high-speed internet and member discounts at the adjacent Kafeterija coffee station ensure that this is an environment optimised for inspiration.

Porto Montenegro continues to operate as a facility that goes above and beyond the designation of yachting homeport and marina village, representing a chief constituent of the region’s landscape, economy and infrastructure. For more information, check out our InDepth issue dedicated to the beautiful country of Montenegro.

By Anna Solomon