Martello Yachting On Brand Growth In The Asian Yacht Market

By Ben Roberts

Based in Beijing, Martello Yachts is responsible for the sale, charter, new construction and management of superyachts in China and the surrounding regions. Rene Ho, Director of Martello Yachting, joined us at the 2014 China Rendez-Vous to discuss the exciting stages the yachting industry in China faces.

After exhibiting at the China Rendez-Vous for four years, Martello Yachting experienced a good flow of visitors and numerous meetings, the company’s Superyacht Area at the show demonstrated their reach and expertise when it comes to introducing different aspects of custom superyacht building to the Chinese high-net-worth.

“Firstly we are the regional liaison for the very prestigious Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman,” explains Rene Ho, “also Martello Yachting is the distributor for the Overmarine Mangusta brand […] and we’re also the Asia-Pacific representative for the Dutch custom aluminium yacht brand Motion Yachts.”

These are just some of the brands Martello Yachting brought to the forefront of the China Rendez-Vous, and with expertise in both the region and the industry, Rene Ho is perfectly placed to explain the situation surrounding market demand in China.

“When it comes to our field of work, the yachting industry, Asia in general and China in particular was the area where in previous where there was not that much activity but now it is booming. When it comes to infrastructure, many marinas are being built, many yacht brands are being introduced to China and there is more and more awareness. If you walk around in major Chinese cities you will see a lot of advertisements and promotions from big companies that will involve life at sea, boating, and sailing so it’s slowly becoming part of the culture. I think it’s a very exciting time and place for us to be active in.”

Not only does Martello Yachting cover Asia, but conjoined with Neo Yachting to form the Neo Martello Group, this tour de force is the first Euro-Asia joint-venture providing services to Superyachts and promoting yachting lifestyle across the globe. Watch the above video for more information on the Martello Yachting mantra.

By Ben Roberts