MCY Discuss How Yachting is Changing in China

By Ben Roberts

Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY) belongs to one of the oldest yachting groups in the world, but while Beneteau has two more years on Coca Cola, MCY has only begun its journey. We speak to Federico Peruccio, Marketing Manager of MCY, to find out how the Asian market is fairing against America in terms of motor yacht demand.

After catching up with the Monte Carlo Yachts team in America – a relatively new market for the builder created by the established Benetau Group – to find out how well Asia and America compare.

“We see that the Asian market is still very active and we are taking very good results here in the area,” explains Peruccio. “Today the local market is very demanding. This means that the attitude here, while living on board is not of course related to pleasure to living or cruising, but most of the time the pure experience of business.”

The Monte Carlo adventure started just a few years ago, presenting the 76’ in 2010. We were already here in Hainan in 2011 with the 76, today we have the 70’ and the 76’,”

Monte Carlo Yachts may be experiencing success on the new and exciting models coming from the yard, but the representation taking place across the Asian region comes from a new collaboration with Simpson Marine.

We are really happy with our relationship with Simpson Marine. It’s a very strong name built up of very serious, reliable brokers […] we rely very much in their team of brokers that are experts in our product and can transfer in the best way our vision, our products and the way our yachts are built to the final customer.”

With both markets surpassing expectation, the main difference between American and Asian demand is the customisation and cultural style of each model. Watch the full video to find out more.

By Ben Roberts
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