Meet 70-metre concept Wind Motion

By Claudine Derksen

With more superyacht builders, architects, designers and owners alike trying to introduce new, innovative and eco-friendly initiatives within the market, we shed light on a 70-metre concept by Mathis Rühl. The design was developed with efficiency and self-sufficiency in mind.

Mathis Rühl’s 70-metre trimaran concept called Wind Motion 70T, is a striking creation that features a curved superstructure with glass insets and a sharp, narrow bow. The French naval architect designed the superyacht’s rig in a similar style to his previous R77 sailing yacht concept which features a Multiple Rotating Twin Mast (MRTW). However, the Wind Motion 70T adapts on the Rotating Twin Mast concept, further developing the initiative into the Rotating Twin Mast ² (RTM²), resulting in higher aerodynamic efficiency and benefits from a lighter structure.

This innovative rig system is fully automated and has been optimised to work efficiently in lighter winds. In addition, the rig can be fitted with wind turbines to charge the yacht’s batteries when resting at anchor, capitalising on nature’s energy at all times.

Wind Motion features a central pivot point that supports two spars thus reducing weight and vibrations and increases the aerodynamic efficiency of the vessel. This feature offers a secondary benefit in providing more deck space.

Additional design features include an interior helm station on the upper deck; sunbathing and al fresco areas on the aft and foredeck while her large arched superstructure creates a spacious interior with curved ceilings. Moreover, the superyacht also features a central skylounge with teak details.

While the status of the project remains unclear, the designer has revealed details of a larger version; the Wind Motion 120; a wind powered 120-metre cargo ship.

By Claudine Derksen