Michael Breman On The Emergence Of China

By Ben Roberts

After we spoke to Peter Lürssen in London during the Top 100 Launch, we took the opportunity to sit down with Michael Breman at the China Rendez-Vous to discuss Lürssen’s take on the Chinese market and the growth of demand.

“The largest challenge is to be patient and wait for the right moment,” explains Michael Breman, “you have to adapt to every market where you try to do business, the Chinese market is in a rapid way of developing to become a consumer market for yachts but the larger yachts, which are the ones we build, logically will come at a later time.”

Speaking to Michael on the first day of the China Rendez-Vous, the Sales Director of Lürssen Yachts reflected the optimism of the show’s exhibitors, but took the opportunity to explain the issues surrounding the growth of the market.

“There are several big issues; one of the big issues is that there is a severe taxation issue on the importation of yachts, there is also an issue that your yacht can not be more than a year old for you to flag it […] these are all things that inhibit a rapid growth, or quicker growth, I don’t think we’ll be able to change these but we have to make everybody feel comfortable and adapt. It can be workable.”

For more information on Lürssen Yachts’ expert take on the evolution of the Chinese market, the issues surrounding it and the exciting projects we can expect to see in the future, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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