Michael Mahan on the Worth Avenue Yachts Approach

By Ben Roberts

After introducing their collective expertise to the brokerage market ten months ago, the brokers of Worth Avenue Yachts have been making their presence known. Michael Mahan, one of the Managing Partners of the Palm Beach based brokerage house, sat down with Shari Liu aboard Namoh to discuss the firm’s unique approach.

First of all we created a team environment,” explains Michael, “we felt that this was the best way to service the client … and it also takes the competition out of the office because we all work for the same client … it allows to have a concept that really becomes expediential in what we can get accomplished because there are just more hands doing it, simple as that.”

Being a young brokerage house, Worth Avenue Yachts has entered the market at a turbulent time; however this hasn’t marred the company’s humble view of success. “We got a long ways to go, there’s no question, but it has improved.” Michael comments. “I do think the future is really uncertain at this point but I do feel that our platform, the way we work together, will definitely get our percentage of opportunities … I’m very positive.

Worth Avenue Yachts recently hosted an event at the Palm Beach Boat Show, an event which offered them the perfect platform to showcase seven incredible vessels. “Fortunately we were able to put together something for everyone,” adds Michael. “We’ve got from a classic Burger which is just a beautiful boat that’s 25 years old, that looks like its one year old, to the boat we’re sitting on now which is a 125 foot Cheoy Lee. She’s a great boat, she’s a very large volume boat for a 125, she’s definitely proven herself as a great ocean boat, charters extremely well, fantastic crew so it has all of the makings of being a very successful boat for someone."

By Ben Roberts