Monaco’s Port Hercule Enters Next Stage of Evolution

By Ben Roberts

The world renowned and historical Port Hercule in Monaco is set to receive a major overhaul after the government announced they will “make it an attraction in its own right” at a press conference yesterday, reported by The Monaco Times.

The state-run CSA (Conseil stratégique pour l’attractivité) is aiming to bring in more people, residents, tourists and businesses to the port by modernising the waterfront, completing the new Monaco Yacht Club and ultimately increasing the region’s draw for prospective investors.

Elsa Carpenter writes, “With the new Monaco Yacht Club due to be completed next year, the port is set to welcome a whole host of new activities to its shores. Designed by iconic English architect Lord Norman Foster, the yacht club will be a ‘reflection of the excellence that Monaco exudes’, providing a dedication space for sporting events. Monaco’s new Yacht Club will also contribute towards an increase in the number of berths available to those who wish to dock in Port Hercule, taking the available spaces up to 700.

Monaco’s Port Hercule is a mainstay in the Superyacht Industry, and with the Monaco Yacht Show maintaining its consistent stature, the modernization of Port Hercule could mark a whole new stage in the evolution of one of the worlds most sought after luxury yachting destinations.

By Ben Roberts