Monte Carlo Yachts Implements New Vision

By Anna Solomon

Monte Carlo Yachts has a new vision, and the latest in a spate of achievements to come out of the shipyard is the brand new MCY 66. Embodying the rejuvenated direction of the brand, the shipyard is pleased to share a preview of the second model of the new line.

MCY 66 represents the natural evolution of Monte Carlo Yachts, who has spent the last decade making a name for themselves in the upper echelons of the shipbuilding industry. The model showcases the sleek exterior shapes, expansive living spaces and interiors line with precious materials that characterise the new generation of MCY boats.

Small yet dynamic, this 20.11m is the culmination of a longstanding collaboration between Monte Carlo Yachts and Nuvolari Lenard Design Studio. Her appearance simultaneously embodies the iconic structure of MCY and the sleek craftsmanship of the designer.

Onboard, sophisticated decor is the order of the day. Throughout the main saloon and all cabins, high-end fabrics, natural stones and Italian leathers abound, whilst glossy marble and touches of copper add modern accents. Natural light is welcomed and enhanced with the use of reflective materials, mirrors and lacquered wood in combination with wide lateral windows.

With this impressive little yacht under their belt, Monte Carlo Yachts will continue to implement their new vision, and are already looking forward to the reveal of the new MCY 76. The shipyard’s future is one of creating yachts that offer internal volumes and external vistas, with a customized aesthetic and cutting edge technical solutions.

By Anna Solomon
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