Moonen Shipyards Welcomes New Investor

By Ben Roberts

Moonen Shipyards in the Netherlands has a new majority shareholder who has committed to invest in the long-term future of this leading superyacht builder. The takeover was completed in October and ensures long-term financial security both for the yard and for clients of new and existing build and refit projects.

The new shareholder of Moonen Shipyards has a decade of first-hand experience of the excellence of the motoryachts built by Moonen. Earlier this year he took possession of the fully custom 42-metre Sofia. As well as being the largest project completed to date by the yard, this cross between an expedition vessel and classic modern yacht has been making global headlines for her three-seat submarine and exceptional interior design.

Sofia was the third Moonen owned by the new shareholder who first purchased the brand-new Moonen 84 Sofia (now Eleonora) in 2004. Delighted with this vessel, he then commissioned a new Moonen 97 to meet his personal requirements, which was duly launched in 2008.

My experiences with Sofia and Sofia II emphasised the quality of design and build available at Moonen,” he comments. “The yachts were very reliable and everyone I welcomed onboard was impressed by the construction, low noise levels and immaculate carpentry work. So when the time came to fashion my new yacht, the choice to partner with Moonen was easily made. And the same applied when I had the chance to buy into the company as a whole. With its skilled staff and first-class management team, Moonen has the sort of uncompromising commitment to meet and fulfil client wishes which I expect from my own businesses.”

“We are very pleased with the new arrangements in place to secure the long-term future of Moonen Shipyards,” adds CEO Emile Bilterijst. “Although Moonen has built up a superb reputation and client base over the past half-century, in the current economic climate new and repeat clients alike expect specific financial guarantees before they will proceed with a new project. These are now firmly in place at Moonen, along with the option for trade-ins. We are now moving into a new phase of development that will see a range of diverse designs combined with the traditional craftsmanship that sets Moonen apart.”

By Ben Roberts
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