Mulder Design on a Holistic Approach to Yacht Design

By Paul Joseph

Mulder Design believe they know the key to their success. The Dutch yacht designers have a world renowned reputation for the excellence of their naval architecture and engineering of custom and semi-custom designed yachts.

We sat down with Frank and Bas Mulder, the respective founder and owner of Mulder Design, at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about their distinctive approach to yacht design.

“Our approach is we do not focus on one part of the design,” Frank Mulder began, “but we focus on the total picture. It’s not so much that one thing should be excellent and the rest is part of it, no, we go through the whole process over and over again.

“It’s like peeling off an onion and you have the same thing over again and keep doing this. I think by doing so and by a methodical approach to design this is why we are where we are.”

“It’s the overall picture,” continued Bas Mulder, “that we try to deliver, a nice exterior but also good performance, good seakeeping, design engineering, good concept.”

So how does engineering fast boats help Mulder create more unique projects?

“It’s again the overall picture,” Frank Mulder said. “If we do a displacement or fast boat we’re always looking at the end result, the performance of the boat, how can the boat be used whether it’s fast or slow, someone who likes seakeeping or a long range.

“You have to take that throughout the project, not just styling and how can we make this fast – it’s the overall ting. Weight distribution and all these things affect the end result and that starts with an empty piece of paper.”

You can watch the full video interview with Frank and Bas Mulder above this article, or take a closer look into their studios here.

By Paul Joseph
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