MYS 19: Alpha Marine’s Holistic Approach

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Nikos Dafnias, Managing Director and Founder of Alpha Marine joined in the Breaking News Centre on day three of the Monaco Yacht Show. Talking of the brand’s legacy and ethos, we learned how the Greece-based group are taking a holistic approach to enhance business...

Nikos began, “Alfa Marine was founded by me in 1986, that means we are 33 years in the yachting industry. Especially in yacht design and building; sometimes clients want the total product from us.” A long history which, with added experience has developed Alpha Marine into a global household name in yachting.

But how? Nikos explained, “From the 90s we move to more complicated bigger yachts, we get an award for the best refit yacht in 1993 for a huge refit we’d done on a 58m.”

He continued, boasting of the company’s values, stemming from their Greek roots; “Holistic design means the ‘total’. ‘Total’ means as we say in Greek ‘Olon’ and holistic comes from the word ‘Olon’. Our philosopher - Aristotle - 300 years before Christ says that the total is not just the sum of the components of the total, because the total reacts to the parametres and vice-versa.”

In fact, the premise of the company today is based around pushing the boundaries and parametres - an approach that isn’t just purely technical. Nikos described, “To analyze the parameters [is] not only the technical parameters, but also the environmental parameters, human parameters, societal parameters, economical parameters [..] we’re never finished. It never stops. We are learning everyday.” 

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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