MYS 19: Future Proofing with Floating Life

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

On the third day of the Monaco Yacht Show 2019 we were joined by Andrea Pezzini, Director and Co-Founder of Floating Life. Talking about the company, which has offered complete yacht solutions to since its inception in 2002, Andrea spoke of the recent K-Series, and of course his vision for the future.

Speaking of the recent success of their latest range, Andrea began; “K-Series started from the dream of one client that asked me to do an expedition yacht moving around the world. We have now at the moment four new projects and I'm working for another one that is the future, over 50 metre; we have a 65 metre, 75 metre and one 88m in production for a client.” So very successful it seems the range has been.

But what is it exactly that has made the range so popular “K means keel, K means custom [...] We do what the owner wants. It’s a joke but not so true, if someone asked me a Mickey Mouse boat, I’d do a Mickey Mouse boat. I don’t care if for all the other people if it’s nice or not, I want to make happy my owner,” jokes Andrea, stressing the importance of building a vessel for a client rather than to please the industry. also spoke to Andrea about his new models of ownership and specifically the fractional ownership product that the company now offer. “For me it’s the future, I think the new owner, the younger owner is more practical, and wants to share costs without thinking,” he explains, “But the cost is totally different but the service we give to the client is a very high level.”

In fact, the future is something Andrea himself is extremely invested in. He’s currently working on Introducing new faces to design, reaching out to Universities to work with ideas from those on Naval Architecture courses. A wonderful initiative that we hope to see others follow.  Andrea closes, “I want to see something new. I have my son inside the company. I want to give my son a future company. Floating Life is the future. Not the old.”

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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