MYS 19: Mulder Design on a Global Portfolio

By Christina Tsangaris

Joining us at the Monaco Yacht Show are Frank Mulder and Bas Mulder, Owners of Mulder Design. Discussing their show-stopping Spectre, a defining project for the design team, they share what makes the project mission so spectacular...

"It's one of the projects you remember because of the questions from the client" the pioneering duo share, marking this Benetti style icon as one that came with a challenging brief, perfect for the innovating Naval Architects.

"He [the owner of M/Y Spectre] said; "I want to go reasonably fast but want to cruise at 20 knots. 20 knots for a 69-metre steel boat is quite fast, and also in comfort" and that's the challenge" shares the empassioned owner of Mulder Design.

Priding themselves on being driven, empassioned to take on new challenges, they describe and define the Benetti project as"beautiful". It becomes evident the designers are striving to make their portfolio as diverse and ambitious as ever, with a work ethic that distinguishes the industry members as innovative pioneers within their field.

M/Y Spectre may have been the first project with Benetti, however the design studio do not consider themselves restricted by regions of the world.  "We work with shipyards all over the world" they explain, exemplified in their latest project for Jackie Chan, a high-profile project that proves the design studio are limitless in their capabilities.

However, the company are no stranger to the Asian market. "It's a different part of the world, we've been working with China for many years" describes Mulder Design, who define this part of the world as "totally different".

The designers continue; "Building yachts in Asia is very different from building in Western Europe" Not only do they take on a diverse portfolio of regions, but they understand the changing pace of the superyacht industry and the shifting design landscape of 2019. Pivotal to the designers success is the ability to provide a great service as well as staying ahead of the curve worldwide. 

So how has the design landscape changed?"The 30-metre at the beggining of the 80's was a very big yacht!" admits Mulder Design, as they discuss the superyacht giants dominating the skyling of Port Hercule.

Now, with the sizes of the boat getting bigger, the future vision of the company becomes bigger than ever too. For the owners, it's all about the legacy of the family business. "In the future, Mulder Design we love the work that we do" they share, proving the company are driven by passion, love for their work and a commitment to quality.

With a vibrant future ahead, with a particular focus on exterior styling, we hope to see another year of incredible projects for Mulder Design.

By Christina Tsangaris
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