MYS 19: Port Denia on Offering a Full Service

By George Bains

Albert Morell, General Manager of the Spanish Marina Port Denia, speaks to about the technical strengths of his marina and the reasons why it is a thriving spot for summer retreats.

Situated on the east coast of Spain, Port Denia is conveniently located within short distances of both Ibiza along with Alicante and Ibiza, and Albert sees this as part of what helps Port Denia to thrive in the summer months. “We are situated just 50 miles from Ibiza and Formentera,” explains Albert, “these islands are one of the most popular places during the summer. In July and August it is one of the most perfect places for the big boats because they have everything and we are just in front of them.”

However it is not just the location that attracts superyacht owners to the Spanish marina. Port Denia is well established as a technical refit shipyard, well-equipped with facilities to complete repair and maintenance works. Albert Morell explains how this is the end goal of the marina, delivering a full service to their guests and clients.

Port Denia can accommodate all superyachts from 30 metres up to an impressive 130 metres in its berths, and the shipyard is capable of working on yachts up to 65m and 1200 tonnes. Yet Albert assures that there are still plans to expand on this facility to accommodate even larger vessels.

For both yacht owners and crew members, Port Denia offers an unrivalled quality of life, with luxury 5 star hotels and a nearby town with restaurants open all year round. A place, as Albert describes it, with a little of everything, Port Denia is well worth a visit.

By George Bains