MYS 2012: Henk de Vries Discusses The Theory of Relativity

By Ben Roberts

Feadship prepared the media for a shock announcement at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, readying the yachting press for the unveiling of the new Feadship Future Concept and its mystery client. Henk de Vries, CEO of Feadship, and his inspirational client, Albert Einstein, joined us in the Breaking News Centre to discuss the theory of Relativity.

In a manner which fitted both the traditional values of Feadship and the Dutch shipyard’s quirky sense of humour, Henk de Vries’ ‘mystery client’ was none other than the famous theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.

The Nobel Prize winning creator of radical scientific thinking was both the inspiration and the driving force behind Relativity, the new concept from Feadship.

With a simple mono shape, simple, sweeping lines, a wider, floating superstructure, a long mast elevator, Relativity is a stunning concept with real genius behind it.

For more information on Mr. Einstein’s new project, watch the full interview above.

By Ben Roberts
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