MYS 2012: Interview with Alex Clarke of Denison

By Ben Roberts caught up with Alex Clarke of Denison Yacht Sales at the Monaco Yacht Show to discuss his role in the business, his ambitions for the company, and his thoughts on how the industry has evolved.

“I got brought on about 3.5 years ago to really push us into the direction of the larger segment of the market,” he said. “We’ve always got a good foundation for 40-70 foot boats, and we want to have more of a presence in the 100 foot size range.”

He continued: “So we’ve been developing over the past three years the Denison Superyacht Division, which is still Denison Yacht Sales, but it’s a whole new brand.

“We’ve got new brokers who have experience in the 100 foot range, and we’ve also started our charter yacht division. We’re dojng retail, charter management, charter marketing.

“It’s all coming together, after three years it’s nice to see the results finally.”

You can see the full video interview with Alex Clarke of Denison above this article.

By Ben Roberts