MYS 2012: Interview with Frank Grzeszczak from IYC

By Ben Roberts

Speaking to at the Monaco Yacht Show, Frank Grzeszczak from International Yact Collection had plenty to say about the state of the industry, IYC’s existing projects, and what he expects from this year’s edition of the Monaco Yacht Show.

Mr Grzeszczak began by telling us what the environment is like for IYC this year at Monaco.

“Coming here we were super, super excited to be here,” he said. “We feel like we have three boats here that are the best deals in the world in the superyacht market.

“I have the star, the latest model, five month ago delivery, the 50m Lady Linda available, asking $49.9 million and we’re really excited about it and we think we’re gonna have a great show.”

Mr Grzeszczak then went on to talk about IYC’s worldwide fleet.

“We’ve got an enormous charter fleet,” he said. “Our biggest boat in the fleet is a 70m Lurssen, Martha Ann, and we’ve got multiple 50-65m boats. It’s an awesome fleet.

“As far as our brokerage fleet, we currently have $750 million worth of central listings, so worldwide we’re in a great position for when the market turns.”

So what sees IYC apart from the rest?

“If a client comes to us and he wants to buy a big boat we can offer him yacht sales, charter management, we can manage the boat, we do crew placement, basically any worry we have we can take it away,” he said.

“We’re his problem solver. If his boat’s around the world and he needs to contact one of our yacht managers their phone is on 24/7, and we have key people in the industry at every position in the office.”

You can see the full video interview with Mr Grzeszczak above this article.

By Ben Roberts