MYS 2012: Interview with Henning Schwarzkopf and Fan Ge of Cheuram

By Ben Roberts

Ask those in the superyacht industry about their ambitions for the coming years, and many will point to their desire to make inroads into the world’s emerging markets.

One company, Cheuram, promises to expedite those goals by offering a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to enter the Chinese yachting market.

Speaking exclusively to at the Monaco Yacht Show, Henning Schwarzkopf and Fan Ge of Cheuram told us about their company, the complexities of Chinese regulations on the superyacht industry, and what they are up to in Monaco.

“Cheuram is a Hong Kong based consultancy,” Mr Schwarzkopf said. “We have partners from china, Europe and America – which explains the name.

“We specialise on advising European and American companies on market entry into china, and Chinese companies that are investing in Europe and America. “One of our specialist areas is the superyacht business and the emerging yachting business in China.

“And one thing which sets us apart from other consultancies in this business is that Fan is an attorney in Beijing. So we can provide the services of an actual Chinese law firm.”

So what encouraged them to come to Monaco to cultivate new business?

“All of the major players are in Monaco,” Mr Schwarzkopf said. “All of the yards and brokers and service providers are here so it’s very good for us to renew old contacts that we’ve built up over the years.

And are they finding it difficult to raise awareness of the yachting industry in China?

“Actually we don’t think so,” said Ms Ge. “Because in recent years the situation has become better and better. There’s some new regulations from the central government to encourage the best kind of investment, so everything is becoming better.”

We also asked Mr Schwarzkopf and Ms Ge about the Superyacht Finance Forum, where they delivered a presentation earlier in the yacht show.

“It was a great confenence,” Mr Schwarzkopf enthused. “It was set up by Marine Money and it had a great turnout of about 120 attendees.

“It was a one day conference covering all areas of superyacht finance, but the special focus this year was China.

“We had a great response. We gave a presentation which was I think one hour, and it was really amazing how people were listening.

“As speakers we watched them to see whether they would fall asleep when we speak, or turn off, but they were every alert and sucking up all of the information we were able to provide.”

You can view the full video interview with Henning Schwarzkopf and Fan Ge of Cheuram above this article.

By Ben Roberts