MYS 2012: Interview with Luciano Scaramuccia of Viareggio Superyachts

By Ben Roberts

Viareggio Superyachts are one of the industry’s great innovators. Established in 2004, the Italian shipyard are committed to pushing the boundaries when it comes to high-tech, eco-friendly yacht construction. sat down with Viareggio’s Managing Director Luciano Scaramuccia at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show to discuss the evolution of the company, their new 72m flagship Stella Maris, and how Viareggio have coped with the economic downturn of recent years.

“”We do not have a normal approach to the yacht industry,” he told’s Shari Liu.

“The main mission was not to achieve money but to satisfy the clients with something unique. And now with our flagship Stella Maris, which is here in Monaco, we can show that we achieved the final result, which is exceptional.

“I can tell you we have had an excellent performance, in terms of the technical specification , with speed, manouverability, vibration, noise, and it is a pleasure for the owner to use. The final result is a piece of art.”

Finally, Mr Scaramuccia explained how Viareggio has been performing in the face of the global economic problems that have blighted the industry. In recent years.

“It is not easy of course,” he said. “The economic situation is horrible for everybody. We are producing something for lovers of unique things, and in that sense we have a big interest anyway.

“For us one boat more or one boat less makes a lot of difference, so we are hoping this economic crisis will pass through without damaging us too much.”

So as long as this exceptional shipyard continues to push the industry forward with its creative and original constructions, it will surely manage to stave off the capricious whims of the global economy.

By Ben Roberts