MYS 2012: Interview with Mark Upton of MGMT

By Ben Roberts

MGMT are widely considered the world’s leading superyacht advisory company, providing a concierge service for the entire industry. sat down with Mark Upton of MGMT at the Monaco Yacht Show to discuss the nature of the business, his own specific role within it, and his overall thoughts on the industry.

“In the build up to the Olympics, a lot of people didn’t realise the potential of the city with regard to yachts,” he said. “There was a lot of press coverage of London and the Thames and all the excitement behind the Olympics, and the yachts started to look at it fairly late as usual.

“But as soon as they realised that it was feasible to bring a yacht up the Thames, and that there was an area for them to berth, and there were the services and facilities available to them when they got there, the interest started building quite quickly.”

He continued: “MGMT are a yacht concierge company, so for people wanting to visit the UK, London, specifically, but the UK as a whole, with yachts, we take care of everything from customs and immigration, to provisioning, to fuel, to transport, restaurant bookings and all sorts of interesting experiences on top of that.

“The other side of our company is our advisory side. We deal with clients who are new to yachting. We work with a lot of brokers, management companies and people who are well established within the industry who can take care of our clients once we’re walked them through the process.”

You can see the full video interview with Mark Upton of MGMT above this article.

By Ben Roberts