MYS 2012: Patrick Coote on Marketing Evolution

By Ben Roberts

Fraser Yachts is one of the forerunners in the global charter and brokerage market; however, it’s not just industry expertise keeping the company in the leading ranks. Patrick Coote, Global Marketing Director for Fraser Yachts, joins us during the Monaco Yacht Show to discuss online marketing innovations and the downfalls of complacency.

“As a marketeer you’re always looking for little innovations,” explains Patrick. “I think Fraser Yachts is in a pretty good place right now, in terms of our marketing, in terms of our branding, the way we promote ourselves, the image we put forward and the service we deliver … if you look at the market, we’re outperforming and outgrowing our market share, so, I don’t wish to be complacent at all, but we’re doing something right. So, we’re very happy.

Given the unique nature of the product, the superyacht industry is a traditional marketplace where online innovations are now becoming an imperative element of doing business. Now, with superyacht companies releasing sweeping, glossy and attention grabbing websites with incredible videos, the evolution of an entire industry and its clients is becoming ever clearer.

Patrick Coote notes on the importance of the web, “[it’s] crucial, with the low numbers of clients who we do real business with you can really get to speak to them and really get to understand what their online activity is. I’m always asking the question ‘do you look at our website?’, ‘what do you research?’, ‘what do you look at? to really understand their behavior and they really do use the web a lot.

For more information on the inner-workings of Fraser Yachts, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts