MYS 2012: Rob Humphreys on Experience in Design

By Ben Roberts

This diverse sailing, motor and naval architecture design studio was born out of the early and exciting days of performance yacht racing almost forty years ago. Rob Humphreys of Humphreys Yacht Sales joined us in Monaco to discuss design which lives and dies by performance.

Having recently launched two Oyster sailing yachts after working with the British yacht builder for over 18 years, the latest owner of the first Oyster 885 is revered Formula One legend Eddie Jordan who will be taking the yacht around the world in the Oyster Yacht Rally.

Humphreys is a firm which wields formidable experience and expertise in the sailing yacht area, particularly in the realm of racing. “Performance does not always just mean speed,” notes Rob. “Performance is how the boat delivers in terms of steering quality, weatherliness, safety and all these things that you really learn and it’s just hard earned experience from over the years

For more information on the Rob Humphreys approach, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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