MYS 2012: Tim Heywood on Direction in Design

By Ben Roberts

Designers are often sworn to secrecy due to the hugely confidential nature of the projects they work on. This is most definitely the case with Tim Heywood, one of the world’s most sought after superyacht designers. Tim joined us in the Breaking News Centre to discuss what he could about new projects and his approach to the design process.

Having been the man to set the running trends of the superyacht industry, Tim Heywood, the one-man design studio, has been working on some truly incredible projects to say the very least included some he most definitely can not talk about.

Tim Heywood has worked on some of the largest yachts ever introduced to the global superyacht fleet, such as Al Mirqab, Peloras, Dilbar, Radiant, Carinthia VII and Cakewalk. However, with many more in the yard and on the drawing board, this is a designer who has taken something which he loves doing and changed the way owners approach the design process.

Watch the above video to gain an insight into Tim Heywood’s approach to design and his view on the direction of the yacht design industry.

By Ben Roberts