MYS 2013: Albert Hakvoort On Apostrophe & Zeus

By Ben Roberts

Hakvoort launched the 40m Apostrophe earlier this year, and after sending her on her maiden voyage to Norway following her delivery, Albert Hakvoort joined us at the Breaking News Centre to discuss the yard’s expansion, the new projects at the show and Apostrophe’s debut at the Monaco Yacht Show.

These are busy times for Hakvoort, after adding a new slipway and extended yard facilities from 50 metres to 65 metres the Dutch yard has been inundated with orders.“We have invested a lot of money in the last couple of years in the shipyard and directly because of that we get a lot of orders, so we are completely loaded with orders”, explains Albert Hakvoort.

Apostrophe’s successful launch and delivery are just the start of something bigger for Hakvoort. “[Apostrophe] is, at the moment, for us a small boat. Earlier days it was a big boat but now it is a small boat … the Russian owner did have a lot of special visions for the interior, a lot of luxurious things and this boat is something special.”

The next project for Hakvoort is the 61m Golden Age, before the team moves on toward project Zeus.

“Golden Age is the first big boat we are building, very, very good interior designers making a luxurious boat, much larger than apostrophe and so far the hull is in the shipyard and there's not that much to tell, but she is coming.”

For more information on Zeus, Golden Age and Apostrophe’s debut at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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