MYS 2013: Ed Dubois On The 101m Sloop and New Contracts

By Ben Roberts

After joining them in June for the 2013 Dubois Cup, we had the pleasure of catching up with veteran designer Ed Dubois on the first day to discuss his exciting 101m Sloop project and his brand-new new contract with a Chinese client.

After meeting with Chinese, Russian and American clients on the very first morning of the Monaco Yacht Show, not to mention being responsible for 5 yachts in the port and 6 out at anchor, Ed Dubois is a busy man.

“It’s a single mast vessel [and] the mast is 120 metres off the sea,” explains Ed. “The yacht has not gone to contract with a shipyard yet, but it will … the client is known to us. We’ve already done a boat for him in 2007, a 53m vessel, he’s a great guy and he’s been giving us a lot of encouragement to do this outlandish project but he’s also given us the resources to research it properly, so it’s very exciting.”

Ed Dubois also broke the news with us that they had successfully signed a contract with a Chinese client after seeing more interest from the region than ever before.

We hope to hear more about this exciting new project in the very near future, however you can watch the above video for more information on the show and the 101m Sloop from Ed himself.

By Ben Roberts