MYS 2013: Farouk Nefzi On Feadships Move Into The 100m+ Market

By Ben Roberts

Having launched the largest yachts in The Netherlands, and with a 101m superyacht preparing to follow suit, Feadship has confirmed their position as one of the world leading large yacht builders time and time again. We sat down with Farouk Nefzi, Marketing and Brand Director of Feadship to see how the yard is changing its approach as they ascend into the 100m+ market.

Aside from a long list of impressive yachts in their portfolio, covering an endless range of lengths and innovative designs, Feadship has it’s sights set on evolving alongside the demands of the modern day superyacht owner.

The delivery of Madame Gu has had a profound effect on the team at Feadship. “It’s inspired us and given us the opportunity to show what we can do,” explains Farouk. “Looking at our further development, we are always in that Top 100 list of yachts being delivered and Madame Gu is a nice exposure to that.”

However, in an industry which is in a state of great potential change, Feadship is making efforts to accommodate demand.

“We have changed tactics in the sense that we have expanded our facilities, we have several build locations giving us the opportunity to build larger yachts with a much broader beam and that makes us capable of building yachts between 40 metres and 120 metres.”

Feadship has also unveiled its latest Future Concept at the Monaco Yacht Show this week and has been coined by the yard as “a spectacular testimony to the art of glass”.

As is customary for the annual Future prototype, Feadship Royale has been designed with the next generation of superyacht owners in mind.

In this case the draughtsmen have given full rein to their imagination on the potential requirements of two specific hypothetical owners. To mark the year of the King’s coronation,Feadship Royale speculates on how King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima – and the country which they serve – might use a Feadship.

For more information on the latest updates from Feadship, watch the video above.

By Ben Roberts
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