MYS 2013: High Commissioner Of The Bahamas On Independence

By Ben Roberts

Today The Bahamas is a place of unrivalled tranquillity, but it was not always that way. The journey to independence was long and tumultuous, and in the year of its 40th anniversary as a sovereign nation we are afforded the perfect opportunity to take stock of what the country has achieved during that time.

And who better to ask about such matters than a doyen of The Bahamas. Eldred E. Bethel, Bahamas High Commissioner, joined us at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show to discuss what is a truly landmark year for the country.

He also shared with us his thoughts on the importance of tourism to The Bahamas, what the country hopes to achieve over the coming years, and what he believes makes is such a special place.

You can view the full video interview with Eldred E. Bethel above this video.


By Ben Roberts