MYS 2013: Interview With The Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism

By Paul Joseph

To most people, The Bahamas needs no introduction. With its stunning turquoise waters and world class diving opportunities, it has long been established as the quintessential idyllic water-based destination.

But The Bahamas is also on a mission to attract more yachts to the Bahamas. And with its ever-growing infrastructure, including large-scale marinas, there is now an opportunity to draw not just transient yachting visitors but those who may come and stay for longer periods, or even set up home here.

It is with this quest in mind that The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism sent a convoy of Government officials to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. Partnering with, they have a significant presence at this year’s show, which they hope will act as a springboard for propelling the Bahamas deeper into the consciousness of the yachting world.

It was with these matters in mind that we sat down with Earl Miller and Tommy Thompson from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, whose enthusiasm for the task at hand and sheer passion for their own country came shining through during their conversation with

You can see the full video interview with Earl Miller and Tommy Thompson above.

By Paul Joseph