MYS 2013: Mauro Parodi On Serene & Project Victory

By Ben Roberts

Fincantieri launched the 134m Serene in 2011, and after cruising for two years - logging up to 50,000 nautical miles and three or four trips across the atlantic - Fincantieri has made their mark on the superyacht industry and is now preparing to launch their second yacht, Project Victory.

Mauro Parodi, Head of Sales for Fincantieri Yachts and Project Manager of Serene, noted on the 140m project currently underway at their facilities in La Spezia, Italy.

“Project Victory is progressing very well,” explains Mauro. “We will be in a condition to delivery according to the contract delivery within next summer for sure. We have very positive feedback from the owner representative based on a daily interface so we’re happy.”

You can hear Mauro Parodi’s opinions on large yacht construction trends and Fincantieri’s latest achievements via the video above. 

By Ben Roberts
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