MYS 2013: Nauta Yachts on the Design of the World’s Largest Yacht

By Ben Roberts

The world’s largest yacht launched earlier this year and changed the face of the superyacht industry. Azzam is not only the world’s largest, but an incredibly fast yacht with a sleek design which is incredible for a yacht of 180m. We caught up with her designer Mario Pedol, President of Nauta Yachts, to find out how this project came to be.

“We have been asked to design this yacht,” explains Mario. “To take of the exterior design five years ago by the owner and it was obviously incredible excitement to be in charge of this. It has been a fantastic experience during the years and working with a builder such as Lurssen is very desirable.”

The brief was to build a luxurious large yacht which featured a timeless and innovative design that could travel at high speed even in warm and shallow waters while still providing sophisticated and luxurious accommodation for its guests.

“Azzam, by it’s sheer size and propulsion package is quite outstanding,” explains Peter Lurssen. “With 180 metres and 100,000 horsepower, her propulsion package is unique and poses a difficult task for the engineers but we’re very happy that we have able to successfully sea trial twice and, keep your fingers crossed, should be able to deliver her in October.”

When asked about the potential of there being a 200m superyacht signing in the future, Mario answered, “It can be bigger, it can go up to 200 but this will just be a niche I believe. The more you go bigger, you can lose a lot of freedom in where you can go and where you can anchor.”

For more information on the design approach of Nauta Yachts and what went into the world’s largest yacht, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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