MYS 2018: The Luxury Projects' Drawing Board

By Christina Tsangaris

As one of the leading female yacht designers in the industry at present, Laura Pomponi graces the Breaking New Centre this year to discuss her ever-thriving drawing board and the latest set of design projects up and coming for the year ahead...

With an impressive portfolios across new build and the refit sector, the drawing board of one of the industry'smuch loved designer is a privileged insight we eagerly await. It is clear for this power-house designer, her year ahead is more exciting than ever. In true Monaco Yacht Show fashion, the hub of Port Hercules continues to play stage to a successful week of client meetings and endless inspiration for a superyacht designer. 

In what could be argued an incredibly male dominated industry, Laura Pomponi, CEO & Founder of Luxury Projects continues her legacy as one of the best 'made in Italy' designers in her callibre, as well as one of the greatest across the superyacht industry. For Pomponi of Luxury Projects the secret she shares is "sticking to my passion for this job, and bringing the passion to my clients. Just being myself as everybody knows me-that's the way!"

Yet, it was the intrepid designer's outstanding career which first began in the shipyard, which contributed to her wealth of expertise that today influences the depth of her approach in the design world. Described by Laura Pomponi is her "technical know-how" to integrate systems alongside her team who she describes as her family.  

Thus far, the projects on the drawing board have been predominantly under the 60-metre mark. "We have worked on the under 60-metre up till now," shares Laura Pomponi. "Now we are working on a 70-metre under construction. We love the idea of being challenged on a style, we have done so many styles over the years."

When it comes to size trends on the market at the moment it is clear there is a leading figure that dominates; "The 70-metre is almost the sweet spot at the moment in terms of dimension and features you can have" shares Pomponi."

However, when it comes to executing design against size briefs, there is an honest insight from the designer. "The smallest boats are more challenging! To still achieve the luxury effect is the challenge in the amazing job of designing yachts. For bigger yachts you can reinvent some spaces and have more possibilities."

For projects in the pipeline? Excitingly, at MYS this year Luxury Projects present their new concept for the 200ft Amels Limited Edition, a challenging job to appeal a larger audience. Likewise the start of working with Northern European shipyards, from Feadship to her latest and greatest show stopper (the 91-metre Oceanco) is another venture on the Italian leaders drawring board.

Elsewhere in the company's plans are their residential projects which have crept in at an exceeding rate. Take Luxury Project's 3000 sq metre project in the Middle East which just been delivered, although shrouded in secrecy, we can imagine a truly bespoke aesthetic sumptuously styled by the designer.

In other news, expansion calls for the ever-evolving studio to open their newest office in Ancona proving more will be on the cards for the enigmatic, ever innovative Luxury Projects team.

"The 70-metre is almost the sweet spot at the moment in terms of dimension and features you can have. "

Laura Pomponi, Founder & CEO of Luxury Projects


"The 70-metre is almost the sweet spot at the moment in terms of dimension and features you can have. "

Laura Pomponi, Founder & CEO of Luxury Projects
By Christina Tsangaris
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