MYS 2021: Superyacht Australia Unveils a Yachting Hub Down Under

By Jenna Mehdi

Joining us remotely in the studio for an exclusive interview, Superyacht Australia CEO David Good shines a light on the ever-expanding superyacht hub that is Australia.

Aside from its outstanding natural beauty, world-famous coral reef and diverse, intricate landscapes, there is now even more reason than ever before that a charter guest will look to visit this spectacular yachting destination. Joining remotely via Zoom for a studio interview at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show, David Good explains how recent changes in charter regulations have made for an influx in superyacht visits to Australia: "The most exciting thing thats happen we have been chasing charter legislation for foreign yachts for about 20 years."

Despite the last year of challenging circumstances across the world over, our Australian partners have endured a radically different experience of the pandemic to us here in Europe. "COVID-19 in 2020 was beneficial to Australia market, they saw Australia as a safe place for the crew," David tells us, "using Australia for refit and maintenence work".

One key cornerstone of the Australian superyacht industry is its refit sector, with an ever-expanding fleet of refit yards making Australia even more accessible and attractive to its growing superyacht guests. "our refit industry has invested hundreds of millions of dollars," David comments, as a refit capital in the region.

Despite its growing superyacht infrastructure and the easing of regulations, there is no doubt that Australia is in its own right a premium charter destination for owners looking to discover new grounds and out-of-this-world experiences. "Australia being an island is probably best seen by yacht" David highlights, referencing the many reasons superyacht owners and charters are increasingly opting to break out of the 'milk run' and try something new in Australia. 

Last but far from least, the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 marks an important occasion for and our Australian partners, with the long-awaited launch of the Australia InDepth documentary. With the trailer launching just yesterday and already enjoying viewing figures into the thousands, there is no doubt that this deep-dive into the superyacht wonderland that is Australia is set to become a monumental hit. 

By Jenna Mehdi