MYS 2021: The Impressive Evolution of Peters & May

By Christina Tsangaris

We were fortunate enough to be joined by the newly appointed CEO of Peters & May, Simon Judson. Together we discussed the impressive evolution of the company, the key to Peters & May's success, and the crucial role of personnel in yacht transportation.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for all aspects of the yachting industry but Peters & May has managed to emerge from it with an expansion over in the United States. CEO Simon Judson shared with us how the company achieved this impressive goal in such unprecedented times: "I think the people there haven't experienced a lockdown in the same way... We have a little service that runs regular ships to and from the Caribbean and the US, and the US customers have just kept booking."

Despite travel restrictions, the renowned sailing event the America's Cup was held in New Zealand last year. Peters & May played a vital role in this event and provided transport of yachts competing in the cup. Simon Judson explained how the company adapted to COVID measures around the event to carry out a safe transportation against the odds: "Due to various travel restrictions we had to adapt a bit, introducing other destinations like Australia and Papeete, that increased our demand and we were able to put on a great ship to the South Pacific."

In light of Peters & May's growth in this most challenging of years, Simon Judson was able to share the secret to the firm's success: "I'm confident we have some of the best cradles in the industry which makes for a very safe shipment." Not only this, but Simon alluded to the team itself as the stimulus for Peters & May's success. "Several of our staff members are coming up to their 20th anniversary, and that symbolises the passion and loyalty people have for the firm."

By Christina Tsangaris