MYS: Antigua On Business As Usual

By Rose Lishman

Following the tragic news of two Cat 5 hurricanes devastating areas of the Caribbean, we speak to the Director and Chairman of the biggest charter show in the world about Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting as they relay the message that Antigua is more than open for business.

After meeting with Paul Deeth and Ann Marie Martin at MYS 2016, we were delighted to invite them back into the Breaking News Centre to discuss Antigua's updates from the past year. Accompanying them at this year's Monaco Yacht Show, they have brought a fortunate message of minimal damge following the path of Irma and good news for their collosal charter show that is still taking place in December.  

Remarking on the current sitation in Antigua now, the reports were positive; "For years we have been supporting the Monaco Yacht Show and the Antigua Charter Show being on the largest in the year, we're here to say it's open this year and we have great expectations. We're getting our sponsorship online and looking to book lots of yachts for December."

The dazzling destination of Antigua as well as the Caribbean remain a yachting hub, and with the largest charter show to date; it looks to gather the world of luxury vessels to the crystalline shores of the region to showcase its natural wonders, rich cultural history and wealth of luxury resorts. 

Supporting the sister islands who were effected by Hurricane Irma, Antigua extend their support to the surrounding Caribbean regions such as the BVI who suffered at the wake of the storm. 

Watch the video above for the full interview to find out more about the current Caribbean situation and Antigua's plans for the upcoming show.

By Rose Lishman