MYS: Barracuda on a Multifaceted Approach to Design

By Christina Tsangaris

Iñigo Toledo Naval Architect and Yacht Design for Barracuda Yachts shares insight into the Spanish design firms world-class position. Boasting a unique position as architects, designers and engineers, their approach to each and every project is delivered with unparalleled innovation, distinguishing them as a competitive contender across the industry.

20 years ago Barracuda was born, and today with innovators such as Iñigo Toledo leading the way in Design, it is evident the very heart of any superyacht design process lies in a credible firm and their persistence for perfection.  Bringing a wealth of knowledge, as both naval architects, designers and engineers, Iñigo Toledo shares the range of advantages such an approach brings to the drawing board. 

"We are yacht designers, we are Naval Architects and engineers." States Iñigo Toledo, Naval Architect and Yacht Designer for Barracuda Yachts. "It's not that common. But we like to keep everything under control. From design to the styling of the boat to the general arrangement"  just a few of the pivotal frameworks in place the firm deliver with a hands-on approach. 

Nurturing each and every superyacht project, from pen to paper origins into the construction period, comes with a host of evident advantages; "We beleive theres a clear advantage in doing so, efficiency and cost control and speed of the design" explains Iñigo Toledo. 

With his roots in Sailing Yachts; from racing yacht designs to the famed American's Cup, the background of Barracuda Yachts is described as "technical and sophisticated" combining all the knowledge an owner could desire when awakening their design vision; attention, innovation and expertise. 

Yet, this evolution from sailing yachts to the now "90% dominance" of motoryachts they cater to in the market; the "efficiency edge" really sets this design firm apart.  This is most optimised and reflected in its pipeline projects; "Right now we have a few motorboats on the go 45-metres" states Iñigo Toledo. "A family format motorboat which should start construction soon." 

Their plans for the future? Beyond boasting excellence across their field, they follow suit into Explorer territory, answering to the latest of trends; a desire for discovery. "We are starting to design a 40-metre more Explorer type."  shares Iñigo Toledo, joining a dialogue shared between many designers, builders and brokers this Monaco Yacht Show.


By Christina Tsangaris