MYS: Benetti on Building a Giga Fleet & 'Se77antesette'

By Ben Roberts

With three 100m+ yachts underway and a thriving portfolio of models that set this Italian shipyard apart, Christos Ramnialis of Benetti Yachts joins us at the Breaking News Centre to reveal what’s on the horizon for the famed shipyard. A specialist in innovation, excellence and elegance in simply every project they pursue.

The history and heritage behind the Italian shipyard has given the yachtbuilders a world of experience when creating some of the best boats on the water. With a true stamp of Italian quality, a name such as Benetti's continues to remain synonymous with credibility, style and milestone constructions that take the industry by storm.

Its order books? Christos Ramnialis joins us share what's on order, an insight into some of the years most awaited vessels. With a large and increased growth in the 100-metre+ range, something that is progressing for the shipyard at an exciting pace. 

“The order book of Benetti, we can not complain,” explains Christos Ramnialis, General Manager of Benetti. “We have full orders, we’re building currently more than 30 boats ... the 100m+ is not exactly in a market, it’s what we call a Giga which for us starts in the range of 85-metre. We have already supplied Lionheart which is beyond 90-metres so we are experienced. We are just building three really large Giga Yachts with more than 100-metres.”

The latest addition to the Benetti project is the Fernando Romero concept which was revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show only today; “a completely new boat with an ecological background, and thinking out of the box.” 

Precisely 77 meters long, Se77antasette breaks away from the traditional concept of yachts that subscribe to a rigid horizontal order, featuring a revolutionary design in which flowing lines are combined with complex structures that draw their inspiration from the marine habitat, creating harmonious connections between all decks, design features, and surrounding environment.

With a keen desire to "think outside the box", Benetti are sure to continue to make their mark, thriving to create, and deliver exceptional quality to an owner, requiring the reputable build and beauty of a Benetti.  

Watch the above video for more information on the latest Se77antesette project, insights into the large construction edge of Benetti and the ongoing popularity of the Delfino and Mediterraneo ranges.

By Ben Roberts
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